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The origin of C&VB's dates back to 1886, the city of Detroit, United States, a city of powerful economy and a great tourist appeal, due to their auto plants and other durable goods. The large number of entrepreneurs and businessmen from various countries who were going there to attend conferences, conventions and meetings required the organization of the segment as a professional and productive activity. Today, based on the effectiveness of the U.S. model, there are hundreds of offices located in countries and cities most representative world.

The purpose of a C & VB is promoting what is called "Marketing Destination", or disclose the city and region that is installed by means of attracting actions or support to the largest possible number of congresses, conventions and events Overall, nationally and internationally, generating income for the county, state and country.

Santa Catarina has twelve C & VB's, whose headquarters are in the city centers of strategic regions. To increase the representativeness, credibility and solidify the power generation business, C & VB's of Santa Catarina, with the encouragement of the State Government in 2004 created the Federation of Convention & Visitors Bureau of Santa Catarina. The agency's mission is to assist the C & VB in action policies that aim to capture events and attract visitors and to foster the development of tourism as an economic activity, social and cultural, based on regional characteristics of each bureau affiliated.